Selling a house in any market takes a skilled professional. We have the experience to sell your house within the shortest amount of time for the highest price possible.

To sell your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family, it must stand out among the competition. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways. You, the seller, control three main factors: 1. The price; 2. The condition; 3. The accessibility for buyers to view what you are selling. Some of many different ways include having your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family priced competitively with the competition, have it be in better condition than the competition, have it be as accessible as possible in the market place, or all three. Since the market varies across The Portland Metropolitan Market, it is very important to work with real estate agents who understand this changing market and who can help you with selling your property for the highest price possible with the best possible terms.

What do you mostly not have control over when selling your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family? You mostly do not have control over the buyer and the market. With the advent of searching for houses/townhouses/condos/multi-family over the internet, you can expect the buyer to be savvy about their choices, and other choices besides your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family. The market is what it is, and the Comparable Market Analysis discussed below, our help and consulting, along with the factors you control, will best help you sell in any market.

Meeting with us, we will prepare a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) that looks at houses/townhouses/condos/multi-family similar to yours that are actively listed, sale pending and sold. In addition, we will be analyzing overall market conditions to see if prices are trending down, up, or remaining stable. This analysis will factor in how we price your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family. We will be doing one or several walk-through(s) with you to discuss staging ideas for each room on how to maximize the houses appeal on the open market to the highest number of buyers. Lastly, we shall be here to educate and counsel you about the house/townhouse/condo/multi-family-selling process before, during, and after we have successfully sold your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family property.

Thank you for choosing to work with us in selling your house/townhouse/condo/multi-family property. We look forward to exceeding your expectations so that you call us with referrals to your friends and family.